Working Papers

Working Papers

Winner's Curse? Corporate Subsidies and Borrowing Costs of Local Governments (with Sudheer Chava and Baridhi Malakar)

-- EFA (Scheduled) 2020, SFS Cavalcade 2020 (Scheduled), Brooking Institute's 9th annual Municipal Finance Conference (Scheduled),

-Accepted but not presented: TADC LBS 2020, FMA Napa/Sonama Conference 2020

Does A One-Size-Fits-All Minimum Wage Cause Financial Stress For Small Businesses? (with Sudheer Chava and Alex Oettl)

-- NBER SI 2019, Entrepreneurship, EFA 2019 , Labor Finance Conference 2019, SFS Cavalcade 2019, AFA 2019, Midwest Finance Association 2019, Colorado Finance Summit, UT Dallas Finance Conference 2018, Workshop on Workforce Development Initiatives 2018

--Media Coverage: Wall Street Journal , National Affairs, Real Clear Public Affairs, American Experiment, Town Hall Finance,

Impact of E-Commerce on Employees at Brick-and-Mortar Retailers (with Sudheer Chava, Alex Oettl, and Linghang Zeng)

-- Best Paper Award at NFA 2018

-- NBER SI 2018, Midwest Finance Association 2018 (Invited Session), ABFER 2018, CICF 2018, EFA 2018, IT & Digitization, NFA 2018, Summer Finance Conference, ISB 2018, Labour Finance Meetings 2018, CFEA 2018

Worker Mobility and Firm Leverage: Evidence from State Health Mandates (with S Lakshmi Naaraayanan)

-- SFS Cavalcade-Asia Pacific 2017 , AFA PhD Poster Session 2018, Midwest Finance Association 2018, Asian Finance Association 2018, Financial Management Association 2018 (Scheduled)

Enemy at the Gates: Trade Credit v/s Price Discount as a Strategic Tool

-- ABFER 2016, Pacific-Basin Finance Journal Best Paper Award at AsFA 2016, FIRS 2017, SFS Cavalcade 2017, CFEA 2017, Emerging Market Finance 2017