Working Papers

Working Papers

Does A One-Size-Fits-All Minimum Wage Cause Financial Stress For Small Businesses? (with Sudheer Chava and Alex Oettl)

-- NBER SI 2019, Entrepreneurship, EFA 2019 , Labor Finance Conference 2019, SFS Cavalcade 2019, AFA 2019, Midwest Finance Association 2019, Colorado Finance Summit, UT Dallas Finance Conference 2018, Workshop on Workforce Development Initiatives 2018

--Media Coverage: Wall Street Journal

The Dark Side of Technological Progress? Impact of E-Commerce on Employees at Brick-and-Mortar Retailers (with Sudheer Chava, Alex Oettl, and Linghang Zeng)

-- Best Paper Award at NFA 2018

-- NBER SI 2018, Midwest Finance Association 2018 (Invited Session), ABFER 2018, CICF 2018, EFA 2018, IT & Digitization, NFA 2018, Summer Finance Conference, ISB 2018, Labour Finance Meetings 2018, CFEA 2018

Worker Mobility and Firm Leverage: Evidence from State Health Mandates (with S Lakshmi Naaraayanan)

-- SFS Cavalcade-Asia Pacific 2017 , AFA PhD Poster Session 2018, Midwest Finance Association 2018, Asian Finance Association 2018, Financial Management Association 2018 (Scheduled)

Enemy at the Gates: Trade Credit v/s Price Discount as a Strategic Tool

-- ABFER 2016, Pacific-Basin Finance Journal Best Paper Award at AsFA 2016, FIRS 2017, SFS Cavalcade 2017, CFEA 2017, Emerging Market Finance 2017


Winner's Curse? Corporate Subsidies and Borrowing Costs of Local Governments (with Sudheer Chava and Baridhi Malakar)